Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Serp Update

They say "Practice Makes Perfect."  I think "perfect" is relative...maybe even imaginative....but "practice" is very real.  Practice helps your body know what to do when you want to get something done. 

We've been practicing serps for a couple of weeks now.  Riff has been helping me figure out how to cue a serp when my back is misbehaving.

Riff isn't this big (although - admittedly - his head is on the large side), and
I'm not this skinny (sigh)....but you get the idea.

As I understand it, this is a good serp position
You're at the far stanchion of the serp jump,
raising your outside arm as your dog approaches, with your feet
pointing toward the next obstacle, and your shoulders turned back
toward the dog's path.  This give him a clear cue: "Take this jump!"
....although you're probably running,
especially as your dog commits to the jump.
Sadly, I often look like this.  Arms akimbo.  Late, late, late.
"Oh, oops!  You were supposed to jump that one!!"

And I try to catch up as Riff runs by the jump.

Or I've made it to the stanchion but Riff runs by because he doesn't see a clear cue.

So I try waving both arms around, and turning my shoulders as far as my back will allow.
It's like brandishing semaphore flags out on the deck of the USS Wannabe.
Sometimes it works! 
Riff gets a treat.
Mostly it doesn't work, and Riff runs by the jump.
Yesterday, with my instructor's blessing,
I tried turning my feet back toward the dog's path.
This brings my shoulders around without painfully twisting my back.
It feels much, much better.
Even though it's against all the rules about feet.
Haven't figured out yet how this is going to bite back at me.
It might have something to do with landing-side front crosses.
Note to Self:  Avoid landing-side front crosses. 
It might effect how well Riff takes the next obstacle.
But for now...Riff is serping, even when he's on my right side.
Happiness and joy!
Knock on wood.

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corgi2bc said...

This was awesome, a classic!!! :-)

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