Friday, November 11, 2011

11/11/11 (and a book)

A special Veteran's Day! 

My dad, at Balboa Park in 1941

with many THANKSTHANKSTHANKSTHANKS to all military personnel, past and present. 

And a special hats-off Thank You to all Vietnam veterans.  Some of my high school friends died in that conflict, and some came back from the front lines so fundamentally torn and shaken that they were turned away and/or ignored by many Americans.  Those vets gave it their all - heart and soul - and they are heroes.  Every single one of them.  Even (or maybe especially) those who are addicted and broken, living on the sidewalk of some big city.   I pray for them, and knit scarves for them, and wish them peace and happiness.   

And, to the boys of Afghanistan and Iraq - or any of the Middle Eastern countries- or anywhere in Europe or Africa - I hope you know that we think of you all the time, and pray for PEACE, and for your safe return.

PS.  Here is a "Veteran's Day" dog book I enjoyed.  You're likely to find it in the Young Adult section, but it's definitely more "adult" than "young"....

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