Saturday, November 19, 2011

November LeapDog Workshop

There were eight students (maximum allowed) at our workshop this morning.
It was cold (California style) - mid 40's. 
We were lucky it wasn't raining.
I wore my long johns and a hat.
It was a FUN group. 

This was my favorite drawing.  Geometry.  Symmetry.
Have I told you that my next puppy might be named Symmetry, and called Sym?
DIBS on that name!  ;-)

LP used her little stuffed dog as a visual aid.
Fawkes wasn't sure what it was.
She tried to figure out
what the little guy was looking at.

"No problem! All is well!"

LP used ropes on the ground to help us visualize the line of refusal
and/or the dog's best path through the obstacles.
She also used red feet, to help us see our target positions.
Of course all this stuff disappeared after the walk-thru.
We were very happy with our morning weather.
Some ominous clouds moved in during the afternoon.
Beautiful, but cold.
Here is a snapshot of the "timing grid" used for one of the exercises.
We concentrated on front crosses today.  This exercise was an attempt
to see which approach worked best for each team.
The exercise involved going around the back of the #2 jump.
There were four jumps, pretty well spread apart. 
Which approach was faster?
For Riff, it was the "push to the back of the jump, with a rear cross."
His time was either 4.46 or 4.66, I can't tell. Probably 4.66.
Either way he seemed on the slow side to me.
I can't run much and he wasn't sure what I was up to.
Little Crush, jumping 16," was the fastest dog! 
She wraps tight around jumps, and is fast.
Wonderful dog.
Riff was the only dog schooling at 24." 
He'll have to jump 26"if we enter the USDAA show in December. 
He has a tendency to launch, and to land long,
but he seems happy, and has plenty of drive.
I was very proud of him today.
Go, Riff!!!

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