Saturday, November 12, 2011

NAF....not :-(

We're not at the NAF USDAA trial this weekend, which makes me sad.  So many friends and wonderful dogs are there. 

Best of Luck to You All!

We're working our way back into trialing....slo-o-owly but surely.  :-)  We'll be able to drive down to Turlock, someday.

Our agility class on Tuesday was fun.  Riff and I got through some "nasty" sections on the course, and we were mighty proud of ourselves.  Woohoo!  We also rented field time on Thursday, and practiced contacts and weave entries.  That was fun, too....Riff is a FINE dog.    And the weather held! 

Loved the rain yesterday! - my gardens needed a boost.  It's a beautiful day again today, thankfully.  Partly cloudy...but the sun is warm and bright.    I'll probably take Riff over to the AKC show at the fairgrounds and fool around with startline-stays at their practice jumps.  Those breed people won't mind if a scruffy red border collie shows up out of nowhere....will they?   

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