Sunday, November 13, 2011

Winterblast, with an iPhone camera

The South of A Street district in Santa Rosa has turned into
an "artist enclave" known as SOFA. 
The artists like to close off the street once in a while, and party.
We walked by this great street sign, on our way to
Bliss Bakery (one of Kathy K's all-time favorite eateries).
It was closed, but the lady sold us a couple of
fresh-out-of-the-oven ginger snickerdoodles anyway.

We were searching for a cup of coffee, and found Brino Ism's gallery.
The stairway was posted "private party"....

....and we didn't go into the studio...
.....but I liked Ism's yard art.

You know you're in the right place when you
meet a snowman looking for a broom.

We wandered up and down alleys, and into and out of
several galleries and many artist's studios.
We sat for a while in the courtyard of Atlas Coffee.
Really good mocha.
The sunset was beautiful.

You wouldn't want to stumble into this
piece in the dark.

There were plenty of musicians around...

...and sofas.  Winterblast features a sofa parade and a
marching street band named The Hubub Club.
A lot of folks planned to party well into the night.

As darkness fell, the crowd quickly grew,

and hula hoops took over the street.

We decided to go home early.  Our pupsters were waiting for their dinner! 

PS.  Next year we'll bring folding chairs, a picnic basket, a better camera, and - once we're finished wandering through galleries - we'll set up somewhere on the street. Occupy SOFA!

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