Saturday, November 26, 2011

15 Things That Can Still Surprise Dog Agility People

1.  The canopies on either side of yours looked fine after a gust of wind ripped yours to shreds.
2.  Eazy-Up was just a name.
3.  Bars dropped.  ( the bars stayed up.)
4.  Your dog took off when the timer said "ready."
5.  The Gamble buzzer.
6.  The back side of a jump.
7.  A judge calling "up" contacts.
8.  Your dog forgot what 2o2o means.
9.  The other left.
10.  The gate person kept yelling your dog's name even though you were standing right next to him.
11.  Another dog has the same name as your dog.  (Oh.)
12.  The course maps were printed in 06 pt. font and you left your reading glasses at home.     
13.  The turkey panini was worth the wait.
14.  A 6-pound dog can jump the yellow contact zone on the dogwalk. 
15.  Red meant "recording" and Green meant "stopped."
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