Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Eve

But first:  The (difficult) Decision. 
After a weekend workshop and our Tuesday night class, I've decided that Riff and I will need to wait until January for our USDAA Debut Part Deux in Starters.   :-(
But we plan to drop in and visit everyone at the December trial.    :-)  And play at the practice jump. 

And now for Today!
My little local family is coming over for Thanksgiving Eve dinner tonight.  The apple pie is in the oven.  Next I'll make the stuffing and get that bird into the oven.   Woohoo! 
Yesterday I made my first-ever marbeled pumpkin cheesecake.  (Next time I'll "crush" the crust ingredients more.   So, yeah....we might be serving this with a spoon.  But it will taste good.) 

The table is started.   (Micky - using your straw flowers!)

By the time I fill this gravy boat (one beautiful item left to me by my mom), we'll be ready to sit down and enjoy our turkey dinner.  YAY!

And the kids will be gifted with plenty of left-overs.


Tori Self said...

I'm making pumpkin cheesecake for the first time tomorrow too! Yumm, looks good.

Celeste said...

The pie was a big hit! I'll bet yours was, too...

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