Tuesday, November 8, 2011

PS....Handler Motivation at UKI

Following up on my blog post of October 29, in which I blathered on about 'Handler Agility Motivation,' I decided to help motivate handlers at the UKI trial.  [Would the acronym be HAM?  Um....  How about 'Agility Handler Motivation' - AHM. That's kind of nice.  Or 'Agility Handler Energy Motivator'?  AHEM?  Ha!]


Yeah....it's difficult to clap and yell when you're wearing mittens and trying to write down the correct time on the scribe sheet, but I managed to get some "woohoo!s" out there.  I did notice some clapping (muffled by gloves) and a bit of cheering.  Because it was a small show, it was comparatively quiet - sometimes eerily quiet - especially on Friday.  Lots of runs went by without a single peep from the onlookers.  I could hear a few folks chatting behind me, but they didn't seem to notice the runs. 

Some of the handlers and/or dogs had small fan-bases that supported them loudly - yes!  And I really liked that UKI left a tiny section of stadium-seating up, so that people could settle in and have a splendid view of both rings.  The set-up was AUDIENCE FRIENDLY!  YES!!!   (Of course, people needed to have a blanket or cushion with them, to sit on that cold, cold metal....but we all knew that, right?  Maybe not.  Not too many people were up there.)   

In between worker-duties, I was able to visit a few handlers for a couple of minutes, and comment on how beautiful their runs were (in spite of any knocked bars or missed contacts).  Sometimes all I had time for was a quick thumbs-up "Nice Run!" as I hustled over to the restroom or the snackbar (did you try those warm cinnamon/sugar miniature donuts? Y-ummmm)....or the shopping (no I didn't buy a UKI sweatshirt, but I sure thought about it).  

It was FUN to have a goal of sharing the joy of agility with as many handlers as possible.  Loved it!

I wasn't there on Saturday....but by Sunday folks had loosened up considerably.  Alright!  The Finals were being run, and Deanna got ahold of the microphone and encouraged everyone to 'give it up for (everyone else)'    On Sunday the smiles were wider, the laughter was louder, and there was plenty of clapping and yelling....YAY!!!!!!!!

There's more than one good reason to play this game......

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