Monday, October 31, 2011


There are gauzy ghosts with eyes, floating around the trees in our neighborhood.  Riff is like:  "Wow! What is that?  Is it scary??"   We've had many training opportunities during our walks this week.....and we've only been out during the day....  

....because those ghosts are the simple decorations.  Is Halloween the new Christmas?  I've always enjoyed carving a pumpkin or two...but lots of folks around here string orange lights around their rooftops, and set up giant figures, fake doorways and elaborate scenery.   Weird white stuff covers many large trees and bushes, trailing giant spiders.  One giant spider crouches over a life-size skeleton that hangs upside down, wrapped in cheese cloth ala Alien.  Mouth screaming.  Giant zombie pumpkins look like they're munching on little screaming pumpkins.  Bloody eyeballs are hanging from mailboxes.  Witches are coming out of chimneys.  Vampires and caskets and pirates are everywhere.  Skeletons are climbing out of flower beds.  A few blocks from here, you can even find an amazing re-creation of an alley from Jack the Ripper's London.  Holy cow!  If I was a kid today, I'd have to screw up my courage just to leave the house....and then, to decide which walkways are safe enough for Trick or Treat?  Ooooooooooooo. 
Nice kitty.   Kitty kitty kitty.....    Ni-i-i-ice kitty....

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