Monday, October 17, 2011

2011 USDAA Nationals....Random Notes

Watching the LiveSteam of the 2011 USDAA Nationals (aka. Cynosport World Games), I jotted down a few notes:

Post Turn - Keep Moving!  Do Not Stop! If you stop, your dog may think you're doing a tight front cross and back-jump.

8" this what I'm headed for, as I get older?  A tiny little dog that I can keep up with?  Some sort of wire-haired rat terrier?  Oh, my.

Stand up straight!  Leaning over cann "push" your dog off the line.

Efficient blind crosses are AWESOME!

Remember to take an extra step outward if it sets up a better, faster line through the next two obstacles.


Tight turns win, too!  Although....a faster dog CAN beat a tight dog.  (ie. 22" winner - an AUSSIE!)

Groundspeed ROCKS!

Waving at your friends in the stands as you approach the start-line in the Finals - looks like FUN!

Quite a few of the performance dogs are young.

Get Keeper ready for Veterans?  Can she handle 5' A-frame?  She's great on 16" jumps...

These days, dogs are thinking twice about taking the next obvious obstacle, due to increasing number of approaches from the the dogs need CLEAR CUES.

Quote from 12" winner...."I don't remember any of it.  All I remember thinking is RUN!!"

Find one of those cool-looking halters?

The best handling = WHATEVER WORKS.  Try to make sure your dog is used to a variety of situations.

Keep your eye on your dog!!!  

If you go off-course - keep going!  Don't give up on your dog.  Have FUN, and share the fun with your dog!

Try to find a nice polo shirt with dark stripes down the side and over the shoulders.  They look cool.  Would they make me look thinner?  Heh heh. 

Stand up straight to cue tight turns!

Fort Worth TX May 9-15, 2012....IFCS.

Ashley and Luka - you did it again!!!

Channan and Icon - awesome run!!!

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