Saturday, October 15, 2011

Smorgasbord Saturday (and Cynosport)

We love empty Saturdays.  We can fill them up with Whatever We Like.
For instance:

We finished the spare room floor....
.....finally got the baseboard and thresholds DONE!
A late breakfast at Mac's, downtown.  One of our favorite places.

And, of course, we had to check out the Occupy Santa Rosa crowd, down at City Hall. 
These are the early folks.
The speakers began at about 2:00.  More people showed up.  YAY!!
We didn't stay at the protest, though.  Riff and I wanted to get some "patio practice" in....

....and we had to get back for the USDAA Nationals, Live Stream broadcast from Kentucky!
We have a few friends competing there. We wish them The BEST. 
And we hope to learn something, watching these splendid handlers and dogs.


Elf said...

I can't believe that you're stacking wood and putting in floors with that back of yours! I guess congrats are in order that it's improved enough that you can do those things. (From experience I know that) That must feel really good, really promising.

Celeste said...

Thanks, E! I keep trying to be normal...
(heh heh)
...but the truth is, my husband did most of the floor work (I was the errand girl)...and the wood stacking was a big mistake...from which I'm slowly recovering, thank goodness.
All in all, in general feels really good, and really promising. :-)
Thanks again!

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