Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Motion / Stop Motion

Sometimes Riff moves so fast he's just a blur.

Sometimes, when we're on an agility course, he can get it into his head that the slightest movement from me means "take the next six jumps as F-A-S-T as you can!" 

Riff has become a big fan of distance work. 

There are days when he likes to believe that every motion I make directs him to not one, but several obstacles.  At least several.  Even though I've clearly stopped.  Still, off he goes....bounce-jumping between obstacles if remotely possible (he has such a lo-o-ong stride)....and checking in with me only after he's run his course.  "His" course, not mine.  Yikes.  (Thankfully - most days he's a very good dog.)  

Because Riff occasionally makes up his own courses (and he sure can cover some ground) we are working on a few Motion/Stop Motion Exercises.   LP is guiding us with advice, videos and maps. 

These execises are designed to help us figure out Red Light/Green Light. 

I'm trying to figure out how to best give him a cue, and what kind of timing he needs. 

He's trying to figure out how to interpret my motion / stop-motion moments. 

Between cloud bursts, the oak trees shedding copious amounts of acorns, and the Japanese maples losing their leaves, we manage to clear the patio and set up for a bit of practice each day.  (I don't have a tunnel, so I've been using two jumps  - with no height, because we're on cement...)

Keeper has her own way of training Riff.

But it doesn't work for me.

Riff and I have had a lot of fun practicing recalls-to-side, motion / stop-motion, and "get it"!  He has tried to do the right thing almost every single time - I've only had to say "eh-eh" once!  Although he's looks longingly at his toy every once in a while, he races to my side beautifully.  I give him a special treat and/or we play some tug.  Then, when I say "get it" he races to his toy.  It's good for practicing post-turns, too.  What a sweet Goombah!  

Here's hoping these exercises stick once we're on a grass field, looking at a lovely long line of 24" jumps.  Heh heh.  

Cross your fingers!

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