Saturday, October 15, 2011

LeapDog Workshop

Riff and I enjoyed a fun workshop at LeapDog Agility Friday morning.  We practiced serps and threadles, and a post-turn or two.  I practiced getting to the correct position in time, and motion / stop motion...and Riff practiced collection

Workshop participants walk the course.

LP used her cute stuffed pup and a pair of red feet on the ground,
to illustrate position and timing for both handler and dog.
And I brought my video camera!  But about one hour into the four-hour workshop, I realized my camera had stopped working.  WTF?  Didn't I charge the battery?  After I brought it home, I realized not only was the battery not fully charged, I'd actually mixed up the "red" and "green" lights.  Red = RECORD!  D'oh!  How many times have I told people that?  So....I filmed a lot of the ground, the top of Riff's crate, and the inside of my black bag, with an audio of participant "chit-chat" fading in and out.  Brilliant.  Not!

Luckily I had my trusty cellphone with me and could take a few photos.  Tried to figure out how to put the phone on my little tripod but couldn't.  Too shy to ask anyone to deal with holding it up and trying to video us.  Auditors are there to audit, right?  Not to film.  But maybe I really need to work on getting over it, and just ask! 

Below are some of the points LP wants us to think about.  She also gave us great handouts of each of the short courses we practiced, and accompanying notes.

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