Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Things I Love


Toys.  Tugging.  Fetching.  Carrying. 


My human Mom and Dad. (i hardly remember my doggy ma...not sure i ever met my pa)
My human Auntie Lauri.
My doggy BFF all-time favorite girl Wit.
My human Auntie Channan.
My doggy Older Bro Charter and his human mom KK. 
My doggy Bro Rampage.  (we get to RUN together)
My doggy adopted Older Sister Keeper.  (except when she's mean to me)
My agility classmate Izzy.  (maybe...we've never been let off leash to play together)

Running.  FAST.

Toys. Hide and Seek with toys.  Hide and Seek with people.  Hide and Seek with people who have toys.


Toys. Toys. Toys.


Running.  Faster.

Tracking squirrels in the backyard.  Running. 

The nice people at Occupy Santa Rosa.
(but not those violently drunk thieving transients)

Treats and Toys and Running and Jumping.

Learning a new trick. Yummy treats.

Watching birds fly overhead.  (but i advise against trying to take a walnut away from a crow)

Spring Lake.  Annadel Park.  Riverfront Park. 

Anyone who draws my picture.
(even if the picture is funky-looking, like those my mom draws.  must admit i've actually looked funky before - but only for a lifetime total of less than 3 seconds....)

Anyone who draws any picture.  Drawing is cool.  Painting is cool.  So is writing on the computer.  Pens and notebooks are cool.  Singing in the shower is great.  Dancing is exciting.  (stumbling and falling on me....not so much.) 


Tug toys.


Getting up early.

Peeing on plants in the backyard.

Going places.  Sniffing and peeing at new places. 

People singing. Especially when they clap, too.

The sound of vegetables being chopped up.

People sneezing.  The louder the better. 

The cupboard where Mom keeps our food.

Baseball on TV.  Any pitch.  Especially homeruns.   Especially Giants' homeruns.


Running faster.



The back door opening. 

Jumping on people I love.  (i can sit pretty, but it's not as much fun)




And my super-comfy bed.  (anytime after 8:pm)

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