Saturday, October 1, 2011

Some Quotes (from the book NERVE, by Taylor Clark)

"One man's stress is another man's challenge."

"In order to perform well under stress, you need to be able to concentrate only on the task at hand."

"Work WITH fear instead of wasting energy fighting it.  Focus on what needs to be done instead of on worries, and take action." 

"Some people need fear and and anxiety to do their best - like working up against a deadline.  Anxiety motivates and focuses them."

"Mental visualization works for some people.  It focuses them on the task at hand." 

"Open up to fear unconditionally instead of battling fear.  Just let it happen.  Live in harmony with it."

"You are a work of art in progress."

"The thing that hurts performance isn't anxiety but preoccupation with anxiety."

"Pay detailed attention to what's going on around you."
"Experience needs two characteristics to be effective:
1)  It has to be challenging, focusing on your weaknesses.
2)  It has to include feedback that allows you to fine-tune your approach.
That's what you need to make progress."

"Experience paves the way for instinct."

"Think of [agility as] music:  When you're focusing on being perfect, you lose the whole essence of the music.  As soon as you stop being so focused on yourself, that's when you start being musical."

"When anxiety turns our attention inward and we try to consciously control a highly-rehearsed skill, we essentially ditch our hard-won subconscious expertise."

"Fear is a fact of life.  All we can do is learn how to be afraid in the right way."

"Train, practice, prepare, rehearse!!  Redirect your focus to concentrate on the present moment and on the task at hand."

"Rely on your instinct."

"Learn to accept uncertainty, and lack of control."

"Stay positive."

"Use humor."


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