Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Did I Jog Yesterday?

Don't know.  Can't remember what I did in class yesterday evening!  Even though I reviewed the courses in my head on the way home, and I could (mostly) remember what Riff did....what - exactly - did I do??  All I know for sure is that during the last exercise I did not handle the closing sequence the same way I walked it.  But why?  What happened?  Damned if I know. 

I do know that Riff crashed into the broad jump at one point, early on.  Y-ouch!  Our instructor said I had a "bobble" while I was trying to move up alongside him and that Riff tried to figure out what that meant while he was over the jump.  I remembered a moment of pain, and think I might have tripped-a-little, or stutter-stepped, or did I make a noise?  Was I trying to run before my leg is ready?

MUST MOVE SMOOTHLY and STEADILY.  Even though Riff always leaves me "in the dust" early, every sequence.  (I tend to get nervous about that and try really hard to catch up.)  Maybe I need to set my video camera up on a tripod again.  Be religious about video-taping.  (I don't like to ask classmates to tape me, because they seem to be having so much fun just watching, or visiting each other, and they don't need the added "work." I love my entertaining and fun-loving classmates!)

So - back to the tripod!  That way I can at least try to catch a glimpse of what the heck I actually did.  As opposed to what I'd planned to do.  Or what I thought I did.

Maybe Riff needs to put up a Wanted poster:

Someone with agility experience, good eyes, and a functioning short-term memory. 
Tactful communication skills a plus.  

Sometimes you need to be a bit picky about your Training Partnerships....especially if you're floating on the brink of agility depression, and are wondering what the heckipoo you're doing out there.

When I first started playing this game I needed to constantly remind myself to look at both the dog and the handler.  For a couple of years, my eyes were glued to the dogs - such athletic beauties - and I barely noticed what the handlers were doing.  And then - forehead slap - DUH!  I realized I can learn from those handlers....!

As far as I can tell, most people rely on video....and, of course, their helpful instructors.   It would be so cool to be able to afford privates or semi-privates on a regular basis.  Then my instructor and I could communicate more fully.  In a group setting, it just doesn't happen.  Everyone in class needs their course time...! 

And when you sign up for field rental, it's just you and your dog....

  ....which is heavenly.

But - and I need to remember this - if I want to know what really happened,
and learn from it,
I need to bring the video camera....!

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