Saturday, September 24, 2011

SoCo Book Festival

Today I was an actor, for the first time in quite a while.  Three of my actor friends and I did a staged reading from the book "Juicy Tomatoes," by Susan Swartz, at the Sonoma County Book Festival. 

We were the original cast in the play version of this book, which premiered at the Actors' Theatre of Sonoma County some ten years ago or so.  After the production closed we read it on the radio, then went on a little road trip with the play.  Those were the days.....

Out of the blue (it seemed to me, having been immersed in the Dog Agility World these last few years) we were called in to read bits of the play at the Book Festival.  Fun! 

A few photos:
4th Street was closed so booksellers could set up booths.

Booths were also in the Courthouse Square.
One of my favorite booth signs.

Susan Swartz is the author of the book "Juicy Tomatoes"
Susan talked to us right before the reading.

Juicy Tomatoes onstage.
This lady wanted to chat a bit after the reading.  She wanted to let us know that we did a "Great job." 
She said she was very proud of being 96 years old, and that
more people should speak out against ageism in this country. 
She was terrific, and I told her so.

This was one of my favorite audience members.  She only paused for a moment, and then trotted off...
but I thought she was cute.  In a Pekinese sort of way...

After the reading we all went to LaRosa and had a beer.  It was a wonderful visit with the old "Juicy Tomatoes"...!

But I'm still not in theatre anymore. 



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