Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ladoga Regatta, 2011

Today - for the 28th year - B and J hosted the Lake Ladoga Labor Day Regatta in their backyard.  The Regatta originated at the real lake, with swimmers donning inner tubes and the like, or making rafts out of used lumber or ice chests, and floating to the finish line.  But the lake is too far away, so now everyone meets at B and J's place.  They used to have a big above-ground swimming pool.  When the pool disappeared, due to old age and new landscaping, the Regatta was moved to J's Pond, and the boats got a lot smaller.  It's a beautiful pond.  J said it takes him about an hour to put it up each year (and another several hours to fill). 

We always have breakfast first  - bacon, eggs, homemade cinnamon rolls, fresh-baked bread, homemade scones (the kind that turn into muffins and are called scuffins), fruit salad, coffee (leaded or unleaded), bloody mary, or mimosa...or all of the above.  After breakfast, with about an hour left before Race Time - and we make boats out of found-objects. 

My favorite 2011 boat

We all want to win the famous and coveted Lake Ladoga Cup.

A dozen boats are at the start-line, waiting for the wind to say "OKAY!"
And there they go!  Slo-o-wly.  Some years the race is Really Fast. 
Some years it is Not.  Madame Breeze is always in charge.
This year, the boats circled around a few times.
And the boat-builders waited, and laughed...
...and waited.
Suddenly, a boat broke loose, and sped to the finish line. 
With the wind in its sails, and a yellow jacket for a passenger,
Jeff's boat touched the finish line first.
Second Place
My boat was fifth, or sixth - somewhere in there.  I was thrilled that it didn't sink.

L, last year's winner, handed the cup off to Jeff.
And, per Regatta Rules, the Cup is now displayed - proudly! - in a prominent area.
Our family room.
Here it will stay, until next year's race. 

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