Friday, September 23, 2011

Photo Sequence - Weaving

Riff and I had a lovely time at the practice field this morning!  Jeff took photos of Riff while we worked on weave entries.  Riff has pretty weaves, once he's in.  He has good lateral distance, too....but he will miss entries when I'm ahead of him.  Somehow he trained me to pause my forward motion and stay behind him while he enters the weaves....   OOPS. 

So today we worked a two-obstacle exercise.  Jump - weave.  I put him in a stay behind the jump - or sent him to it - and worked on getting good weave entries with me ahead of him.  I did a lead-out to one pole, two poles, then on to more than half-way down the line ahead of him.  I practiced moving down the line, too.  But I don't want him to weave so much that he gets sore, or tired of it, so I only worked one side for a few minutes today.  He missed only one entry!  Good boy.  We'll keep working weave entries during the coming month, from both sides, until I can consistently be at the end the line and/or be quickly moving down the line ahead of him. 

Our goal: Enter the weaves correctly, from anywhere, even if your handler is ahead of you!

Here is one of his runs.  12 photos for 12 poles....comin' right at'cha! 

We also worked on serps...and then played with a short line of jumps.  I'll save those photos for another day...

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