Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wedding Week

The wedding adventure is in full swing.  Saturday is The Big Day!   

It's amazing how many details crop up.  For instance, the mother-of-the-bride thought it would be nice to have ancestral flags somewhere near the wedding gazebo.  Do we have a coat-of-arms?  A particular national flag? 

Er...no.  We're from the hodge-podge line.  Our folks' folks' folks landed in America sometime during the 1700's.   We're American "pound puppies."  Maybe I can submit a picture of the label from a Heinz 57 bottle?  I drew a cornucopia instead, and put a bunch of symbols in it that represent our multi-national ancestry.   It's a bit too "cute"...but it'll do in a pinch.

Then there's the Great Dress Hunt.  Which involved walking in and out of many stores before sitting in front of the computer and ordering a dress online.  (Thanks, Vici!  Macy's!)  This dress looks very nice on the model, don't you think?  UPS finally delivered it yesterday....hallelujah.  I was beginning to fall into Total Angst Mode.

Of course.....the dress doesn't look the same on me.

But it's a nice enough dress.  I'll be wearing a beautiful corsage for distraction.   :-)  
And I found comfortable shoes that match!  (High heels?  Not!)   I may need to run downtown soon, and buy a pretty sweater.  (What will the weather be like?)  And some stockings....

My husband had his own moment of angst when he tried to button his old suit jacket.  It works if he holds his breath.  We decided it would remain unbuttoned - he'll have a boutonneire - and we celebrated the fact that he fit into the slacks so well.   Woohoo!

My youngest son finally called and we rushed over to Mens Wearhouse to rent a tuxedo set for him. He hasn't been a "groomsman" before, and didn't think it would be any big deal.  The store was crowded and noisy.  He had a difficult time deciding what to wear...and the store charged an extra $20 "rush fee" ...etc....etc.....but I'm breathing easier....

Of course Jeff and I are mostly concentrating on the backyard Prehearsal Dinner now.  The relatives start showing up on Thursday, the Dinner is on Friday.  Plenty of time left to clean the house.   Heh heh. 

If only Keeper hadn't barked the entire half-hour the catering lady was here, making final plans.  What got into her?  She was in our bedroom, and we were outside, and we could hear her barking.  God help us if she's that noisy while 40 people are trying to eat dinner...

I thought about kenneling both dogs, but the prices are high....and Riff has never been away (except when he was neutered)....and Keeps has been in such a strange mood lately....would she even pass their evaluation process?   So my current plan is lots of exercise Friday, a nice big dinner and big juicy bones in their x-pens, set up on mats in our bedroom.   And maybe a Giants game on the radio. 

Cross your fingers!


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