Monday, September 19, 2011

More Photos from the Wedding....

The Rehearsal Dinner set up, in our backyard. 

The wedding party, plus out-of-towners from as far away as Illinois, and Italy. 
Lovely music played the background, but I'm not sure anyone heard it.  Lots of chatter and laughter.
We also set up an easel on the porch, so folks could write down their words of wisdom...  
Fun dinner!
Waiting for the wedding.
Brett's dad and I watch a couple of planes doing tricks.
My sons have two dads.  I'm a lucky lady.

Will bought a suit for his Best Man duties.  Handsome!
Sadly, my youngest couldn't make it to the wedding, so another fellow took his place as a groomsman.

The parasols were popular.
Just married!  I like this photo because it shows the wedding ring my dad wore, which Brett is now wearing.  ♥
And I love the happy bride attendants!  :-)
The Parent's Dance...

....♥  We couldn't stop smiling.  We did not stumble, or step on each other's feet!  Yay.
Will and his girl Jersey watch the dancing.

Emily's folks dance up a storm!  :-)

It was a glorious wedding, full of new friends and family, lots of smiles and laughter.  YAY!!!


PS.   We'll be getting back into DOG BLOGGING any minute now....


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the photos, it was fun to see them. And you looked lovely in your dress!

Celeste said...


Elf said...

My sister got married in my back yard 5--6?--years ago. We had so much preparation to do! And my yard isn't nearly as nice as yours. Guess the next wedding I should refer to your house. :-) I was so busy that I (yes I) took no photos of the preparation. In retrospect, what a dork. Glad you have some.

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