Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bay Team USDAA Southwest Regionals

Keeper and I have been to the Bay Team Regionals (held over the Labor Day weekend) three times, for 22" Performance classes.  She earned her way into the Speed Jumping Finals in 2008, by placing second out of 23 dogs in Round One.  She ran great in the finals, but I got lost.  In 2009 she squeaked into the PSJ finals, and had a "bye" into the Performance Grand Prix finals.  She ran well, but knocked a bar in each class.  By the middle of 2010, it became obvious that 22" jumps, plus a tall A-frame, were too much for Keeper.  Two Super-Qs away from her Performance Championship, she retired. 

We used to enter every Regionals class we could.  It was so much FUN!  I'd stay in a motel down the street, but hardly ever see it.  I liked to work as many classes as possible, then eat dinner and enjoy adult beverages with friends at their RVs.

Great trial.

The first year we went - 2005, Sunnyvale - I knew maybe two or three people.  Performance wasn't as popular then as it is now.  Keeper was two-and-a-half years old, and held her own in what I thought were huge P1 classes (10 dogs).  She placed very well.  She even won one of the Standard classes.  At first I was blown away by all the action - four rings! But by the end of the Labor Day weekend, I was hooked.  Seriously.  Something about the adrenaline...and all of the nice people.

Fun-loving people!  And a chance to watch some amazing dogs and handlers.

We skipped 2006, because my husband was undergoing chemo.  We skipped 2007.  The last year we went to the Regionals was 2009.  We had young whippersnapper Riff with us.  He was about 9 months old.  He had a marvelous time playing in the fields in Prunedale, especially when his brother Rampage was out, too. 

During the 2010 Regionals, Keeper was lame, and Riff wasn't ready to show.  So we didn't go.

This year, I'm the one who's lame.  Riff is definitely ready for the Starter's classes - in fact, he'd have to enter the Advanced class in Gamblers.  He could definitely use the outing.  Keeper could go, and try her hand at a Veteran's Class or two.  16" jumps.  Wouldn't it be marvelous?  She'd love it.  We'd love it. 

I almost signed up just to be a full-time worker at the trial.  If I could sit at a table, and keep score, I'd be there in a flash....but sitting for longer than 1/2 hour isn't good for the old back.  And leaning over is on the 'NoNo' list.  Perhaps Gate?  Could I stand that long?  And the 2-and-a-half-hour drive down would be a major challenge.  But...I could stop along the way, lay down on the backseat for a while, then find a Starbucks and have coffee and a scone.  (Who needs to diet when they're not running?  Heh heh.)  And...would they let me just lay on my back on my chaise lounge to keep score?  Or...would they let me bring a chaise into the ring, and work as a timer?   Or...I could work the really small classes, and sit for just a short while - it would be golden.

Uh-oh.  It's an attack of the 'Would've Should've Could've's!!'  We don't want to go down that road!    

What's a good antidote?  Playing with dogs!  So Riff and I practiced a trick, and a few wraps.....

Riff would rather stand-up than sit-up. 

Finally he got his skinny little butt to stop wobbling and just park on the ground.
("Try putting your back feet out like a bunny, Riffle-honey!")
But I couldn't get far enough away to take a good photo without him dropping out of it.
Maybe next time.

The camera stayed close-in for the wrap, too. 
(We have to practice with the bar on the ground, since we're on cement.)

Keeps watched over us.  Sweet dog.

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