Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wedding Projects

Project #1:

Find a dress to wear to my son's wedding on Sept 17th. 

Action Taken:
A) Walked through all the dress stores in the Santa Rosa Mall.
     1) Except for those with big "Petite" signs on the walls.
     2) Tried on exactly two (2) dresses.  Banana Republic.  Cute.
              a) Left them.  Need to weigh less, and have more $ in budget.      
     3) Am willing to buy a dress even if it says "Hand Wash Only."  But not "Dry Clean Only."
     4) Practiced being nice to pushy salespeople.
     5) Lived to tell the tale.

B) Walked through all the dress stores at Montgomery Village.
     1) Did you know the "hot" colors this season are pink and grey? 
     2) Was advised by bride-to-be to look for green.  Did you know very few stores carry green items?
     3) Tried on exactly one cute lace-style sweater.  It was brown. 
             a) Worried dogs would destroy it.  Too much money.  Put it back.
     4) Enjoyed coffee and croissant at cafe.  Decided might buy "Dry Clean Only."
     5) Lived to tell the tale.

C) Combed through back of closet, desperately looking for clothes from corporate days.
     1) Found one green rayon/poly/? dress.  Dark.  Long.  Too corporate?
             a) Probably way too dark and too hot for a 2:pm outdoor wedding-in-the-sun.
             b) Will it even fit, after all these years?
                  c) Possible Emergency Back-Up Plan dress.  Ahhhh....   Calming down. 

       2) Found one semi-long green cotton skirt.  Light color!  Comfortable elastic waist!  Pockets!
               a) Maybe all I need to look for is a top?  and a slip because you can maybe see through this skirt? 

D)  Not thinking about shoes yet.  Should I be? 

E)  May have to go to Coddingtown, Petaluma, Downtown Santa Rosa....(GASP!) Corte Madera....??

Project #2:

Prepare for "prehearsal" dinner, Sept 16th.

Action Taken:
A) Location groundwork.
         1) DONE!!!!!  It will be in our backyard. Caterer hired. Invites out to 40+.
                  a) Wedding party plus out-of- towners, per Mother of Bride's list.  RSVPs trickling in.
         2) Invites said "casual" so my plan is to wear nice jeans and T-shirt.  Sweater if it gets cold.  :-)
         3) Buy candles for tables?  5 tables, 8 chairs each.  Might grow to 6 tables.  We can handle it.
         4) We CAN do this.

B) Tidy up backyard.  Clean house. 
         1) Weed, weed, weed.  Remove dead flowers.
         2) Move flower pots around.  Buy more flowers (yay!) and get them planted, asap.
         3) Ignore 3:am nightmare involving falling acorns and leaves and huge gobs of bird poo.
         4) Save vacuuming house for last possible moment.  Darn dog hair. 
C) Light up trees and path.
         1) Mr. Electrical Wizard Jeff is on it.  Scoop lights for trees.  Solar lights for path.

D) Schedule activities to make sure dogs are really tired by 5:pm that day, and ready to be in X-pens.
         1) Agility?  Hiking?  Sheep???    :-)


vici whisner said...

Recently I had to find a dress. I haven't dress shopped in years. I had much success at and You also might try cold water creek or territory ahead.

I haven't gone into a store to purchase something in so long, I wouldn't know where to begin.

I found a nice dress for about $60 at Macy's. Purchased 2 sizes sent one back. Easy as pie. :) good luck, vici PS: Think of you often and hope you are better soon.

Celeste said...

Wow, thanks, Vici! Good advice.

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