Sunday, August 28, 2011


This has been a week of "pull yourself up by the bootstraps, girl!" with back pain / leg pain threatening to pull me into the big black pit.  "No, No!" I say, "Stay away!"  and I pretend like all is well.  Smile, walk around, laugh with gets me through each day...and mostly it works really, really well.   I'm a big believer in the power of positive thinking...   ....  ...  ....   ...some days are more difficult than others.

But we had some fun times, we did! 

We toured the wedding site with my son and his girl, and her folks.  We met the DJ (a Tom Hanks look-a-like) and the photographer.  A couple of cute King Charles spaniels ran up and joined the mix, too.  (I wish they were a healthier breed...they look like a lot of fun.  But so little!)

Future in-laws chat with the DJ

Emily and her dad
Riff and I were finally able to make it to an AKC show on Sunday, too.  Woohoo!  It was absolutely G-r-r-eat to see a bunch of our agility trial buddies.  It was the first time we've been at a trial since April 10th.  We miss them very much!  

And Channan was able to run Riff in the ExA JWW class.  No Q, but they had a ton of fun! 

Hi, Annette!
Channan and Riff at the startline...

....and at the finish
I was so enchanted by watching them run together that I forgot to video tape it, or to take any photographs....!     They were wonderful.  
A bit later, we took a couple of snapshots of littermates Rampage and Riff.

Rampage and Riff watch a toy.  Look at those eyes!
Two beautiful dogs

Looking at this photo, I'm thinking "Riff needs a bath!!"  and "Wow, Rampage sure has a luxurious coat..."
Riff says "Thanks for running, me, Channan!  I sure had fun at the dog show..."


Channan said...

Awww, bummer you didn't get video, I just assumed you did! I didn't get it on my camera either :(. I should have bought it from 4 legged flix!

I had so much fun running Riff, thanks for asking me! I hope he had fun too. I think we did awesome. So we had a silly startline and weave issue, the rest was awesome! He's so similar to Rampage in so many ways, but they do run totally different :)

Rampage doesn't have a 'luxurious coat' he has a 'testosterone coat'. There are pros and cons to that ;).

By the way, I think you already know this but I love Riff!!!

Celeste said...

Riff loves you too, CF! xoxoxo

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