Saturday, August 6, 2011

LeapDog Fun Match (and a video)

The Bay Team put on a free "Member Appreciation" fun match and potluck last night at LeapDog Agility.
Lauri built two great UKI courses and put up a temporary fence between them, so both rings ran at the same time.  There were an estimated 150 runs. 

We liked the see-through mesh fence better than the orange mesh you usually see at trials.  We could sit under the trees and still see all the action in both rings!  And the ring tape helped the handlers realize the fence was there.  :-) 
The standard ring ran small to tall, while the jumpers ran tall to small.  But we were a relaxed bunch (jazz music played in the background, thanks to Cheri), and by the time we were hungry enough to eat dinner, both rings were on a "run whenever you feel like it" schedule.  Lovely!  I wish I'd snapped a photo of the food...what a great table.  It included a salad with bone-shaped cucumber bits, and a mushroom dish that everyone was raving over.  The beer and wine were nice, too. 
LP was too busy to run Riff for me, so I tried running him myself on the jumper's course, before too many people had arrived.  It was rough.  Riff had a blast!  But I was stuck on "slow walk" mode...
We were happy when Channan arrived.  She's been wanting to fool around with Riff, and it was a great opportunity for her to try him out.  

Channan and Rampage
Channan and Riff
So fun to compare the two brothers...although since it was Riff's first time working with Auntie Channan, I can't be too hard on him.  Sufficient to say he isn't as well trained as Rampage is.  He was a very good boy, though, considering he hasn't had much training of any kind during the last four months.  He looked great!   

Adding to current training list:
  • Collection - Tighter turns / wraps
  • A better 'wait' while 2o2o
  • etc.....

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