Monday, August 22, 2011

Bridal Shower

And there was a bridal shower this weekend!  I knew about the shower weeks ago, but it snuck up on me anyway.  How does that happen?  Suddenly it was time to go...and I didn't have a dress.... I disguised my favorite dog agility outfit by wearing leather Danskos with it (they're scuffed, but nicer than my running shoes) and this pretty necklace.  I don't know what this old 30's (?) necklace is made of (formica?) but it has great energy, and is a trustworthy friend.

As showers go, it was lovely time.  Lots of energetic young people, friendly oldsters, good food, great art, a beautiful and happy bride-to-be.  Not too many games.  At one point, we were all instructed to grab one of the fire-colored strings coming out of the mouth of a sparkling dragon-shaped cake, and to make a wish.  It was challenging to get all 23 of us around this cake, but it got done. 

I wished (probably harder than I've ever wished for anything) for a Good Life For My Youngest Son.
[Note:  The boy getting married is my middle son.  But the youngest has been experiencing some major challenges...]

Out of the cake jumped this little frog charm.  

It came with the saying "You will think he's a frog, but he is a prince."    

This is good.  Yes?  Yes!  ♥♥♥♥♥


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