Sunday, September 25, 2011

Romping at the Fairgrounds

Riff found Aunty Channan and Icon right away.
Riff invited Icon to play....
....before Channan decided to work with Riff on his startline stay.  (She might show him again sometime.)
Coach Icon kept a close eye on the lesson. 
Riff did pretty well!

Not to be outdone, Rampage sped over, as beautiful and charming as he could possibly be.

Hi, Rampage!
Hi, Tammy and Tammy's dogs! (Icon kept an eye on things...)
Hi, Aunty Kathy!

Ooooh...Aunty Kathy let Riff kiss her!
Riff and Rampage played...
....while Charter checked out the camera...
....and posed...
...and posed for a close-up, too.  Spree watched.

Rampage and Riff posed too. 
(Somebody should remind the camera lady to wear her glasses, and be careful about the background.)
Riff was happy.

Icon nuzzled Riff as if to say, "You're alright, kid..."

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Anonymous said...

It was lots of fun having the 3 brothers together!


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