Monday, September 12, 2011

Walk Steady

After taking Riff to a couple of workshops this weekend (with hats off to my instructors....and to Advil and Excedrin), a No Doubt song plays in my head, with a couple of word changes:

"I need to walk steady
Walk steady, walk steady
I need to walk steady....."

Beef up the tempo a bit, and I could even keep that song in my head while I take Riff through a course.  Or - er - I might be able to, if I ever figure out how to do more than one thing at a time.  Like walking and thinking and the same time.   [And wouldn't it be nice to throw 'breathing' into the mix...?!]

If I can learn how to keep my arms down, walk steady, keep the course map in my head, keep my eye on my dog, be in the correct positions to give my dog clear, consistent signals at exactly the right moments....  .....  ......    .....        We'd be golden.    

First:  Keep walking at a steady rate.  I am too herky-jerky.  But if I can really truly learn this lesson, finally  and forever:  

Maybe I'll be able to show Riff in the December USDAA trial!

My current "overall" goal is the December trial.

My ongoing training goal is to put my windmilling arms down, keep them down as much as possible, and Walk Steady.  (And walk quickly, because I don't want to slow Riff down any more than I already have since April.  If I learn how to walk steadily, someday soon I'll be able to run steadily...yes?)

My current obstacle objective is to fix Riff's weave entries.  (And his collection...and...and....the list does go on, but I need to concentrate on one thing at a time).  I need to borrow a set of weaves, then take them to parks to train, schlepping them in and out of the that....

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