Monday, October 10, 2011

Woody Sunday, Rainy Monday, and...a World Champion!

The delivery guy said this is a cord of "white oak"...

...."just like that tree" next to our garage.

Moving wood. I used my knees!  Today my back feels mostly okay. 
But the knees...

Years ago, Jeff invented and welded this little "wood mover"
because an ordinary wheelbarrow won't fit on the path to the wood shed.

The wood shed

Jeff at work.

Riff supervised.  Keeper hung out for a while, too.

Wood is beautiful, and can be mysterious.  What caused these whorls?
Chipping away at the pile.



We moved and stacked the whole cord in one day. 
(41-and-a-half loads, for those of you who like numbers.)
Good thing we moved it, too, because it's raining today!

While we were moving wood, Luka and Ashley were busy
celebrating, because they
WON the 2011 FCI World Championship in France! 
Awesome team. 
We've watched Luka and Ashley run for years.  Luka is one year older than Keeper,
and we're often at the same trials, although Luka is "small dog" and Keeps is "tall dog."
Ashley is a very nice man - quite tall, long-legged, and a fast runner.
(Ashley also has a younger Pyrenean Shepherd named Dash, one year older than Riff.)

And now we present - straight from the Bay Area - Luka and Ashley: Medium Dog WORLD CHAMPIONS!!

PS.  Our other USA competitors from the Bay Area also had some AWESOME runs.  Big Congratulations to LAURA and KEP (large dog), and JD and TANTRUM (small dog)!!!

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