Monday, February 21, 2011

An Update on The Unexpected

The unexpected could be a Japanese maple tree, unfolding in a flower pot that had been seeded for purple violas.

It could be a cellphone grabshot that captures the eye of a hummingbird.

Or it could be being hit by a car.

My son took the photo of the hummingbird. And he lived through being hit by a car. After four surgeries and nearly as many months, he's well on his way to recovery. Yay....!

He recently reclaimed the bicycle he was riding that day. The first hospital had been storing it, all this time, under the name "Mike." I was surprised to see that it wasn't smashed to smithereens. Will was shocked, too. He's been trying to remember exactly what happened....which part of him hit the car first, if he and the bike flipped over the car, how he landed in the street....but he can't remember. Our bodies and minds can be very protective, which is sometimes a good thing.

The only real damage to the bike was to the handlebars, which are now 90 degrees from normal.

The bike is currently living in Will's garage. Don't know what's going to become of it, in the long run. It lives in the company of two other "dead bikes." (Bicycles have been his main mode of transportation for the last ten years.) Will mostly uses the bus now. He tries to take cabs, when he can. He has to call an hour ahead. He says when it's raining they won't come out at all. His friends help out, as much as they can, but most of them ride bikes, too. He's thinking about buying a small car, even though he doesn't really want one. It depends on how his right leg heals....

In the meantime, he continues to improve. He'll see the surgeon again on March 1. They'll take more x-rays, and we're all hoping they'll let him start putting weight on the leg. He's tired of hopping....and anxious to walk! He'd like to get back to work in April. He's been reading books, watching movies, playing guitar, mixing sound tracks, drawing, painting, and visiting with friends. Sounds great....but he's restless.

I spent today in SF, with Will. We got a few chores done. We ate lunch at The Blue Fig. I particularly liked wandering around a crowded little hardware store (what is it about hardware stores??)....but Will had the most fun shopping at Safeway. He was like a kid in a candy store! Sometimes life is all about loving the mundane routines, like shopping for food.

Will can make himself a nice dinner tonight, with yummy dessert. His refrigerator and the cupboards in his little kitchen are well-stocked. He said he's feeling incredibly rich.

I hope you enjoyed your dinner, too. Life is good!

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