Sunday, February 27, 2011


We got two beautiful sets of weaves today. Yay! We got shaky start-lines. Boo. Riff jumped eagerly, and well. Yay! We got lost in Open Standard. Boo. We made the judge laugh a lot in Open Standard. Yay?? We almost Q'd in Excellent JWW (because Riff was good). Yay! His handler caused a refusal (with a late, and possibly unnecessary, RFP....which means Riff did not make any mistakes, other than turning back to me for a moment - because I asked him to....). Boo.

It was a good day / bad day, if you make a little chart out of it. But if you just look at the over-all was a good day.


Actually, Riff has come a long way, and for that I'm truly grateful. He's amazing! He's challenging! He's teaching me a lot.

I'd like to thank my trainers (would you be embarrassed if I named you?), my lovely friends, Riff's mom and dad, and all of Riff's toys.... (yes, we're watching the Oscars)....I'd also like to thank LL Bean, Eddie Bauer, SmartWool and Salomon for providing my ensemble for the day. My hair was done by SmashHat. My canvas bag was special-made by Cable Leakage Technologies and Trilithic, for a CED corporate swag-fest, back in 1998. The toys? PlanetBlueDog.

Is the space between agility rings the equivalent of the Red Carpet?

To be honest, I was pretty shook up after our Open Standard run today. Immediately started with the "kicking myself around" even though I was playing tug with Riff. [Stupid! Too slow! Can't think on my feet! Did everything wrong, wrong, wrong!] And had to put a kabosh on that as soon as possible. The Riffster has a sensitive soul. (The goober. He got very creative on that course. Maybe we should get him into the movie industry....?)

And I resolved (again) not to quit agility. You know. It just takes time. Every dog is different. You just have to keep practicing. Blah blah blah. Yeah. Here's a good saying: "Keep calm and carry on." I like it.

So that's-a what I'm-a gonna do. Keep calm, and carry on. Tomorrow.

Tonight? A glass or two of wine, please....

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