Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Getting Ready

We're getting ready for the AKC show, and luckily the weather is cooperating. (Knock on wood. They say it may snow by Friday!!)
Riff and I had some practice time out at LeapDog today. So pretty! This is a view of the horse ranch next door.

And the field was in fine shape...

....but I forgot to bring my video camera, so couldn't record our practice. Video is such a great way to learn, but to be honest with you, it was nice not to worry about setting up the tripod for good camera angles. I was glad I didn't have to remember to push the button.

We have such a plethora of recording devices these days, and sometimes it seems like everyone is shooting everything. We all have phones with cameras, and Flip videos are de rigueur. Security cameras, intersection ticketing cameras, health scanners, airport scanners. We're surrounded by electronics! Everything is automated, and so much easier/faster/smaller/sharper (more intrusive?) than it used to be. We're interconnected in ways we never imagined, even back in the sixties. These connections are damn powerful, too...we can Skype our friends in Europe. People can stir up flash mobs, revolutions, new governments. It's mind-boggling. It's amazing.

Yesterday our agility instructor even reminded everyone in the class that our dogs are not robots. Sometimes we give a signal, then turn and run and just expect our well-trained dog to follow - as if they don't have their own moods, as if they don't ever glance away, or get distracted. (In my mind I could see that Japanese robot dog - remember him? - running a little table top agility course....) But the point was: Your Dog is Not a Robot. With the bottom line: Stay Connected!

The Riffster is about as far from being a robot dog as he can get. He is always full of delightful surprises....some of which fill me with dismay. The little bugger. He is teaching me alot about how to "drop back and punt"....

Today we had a very fine practice, however. We worked on weave entries (with a guide and without), and I checked him on all the contact obstacles. (He did great!) We worked on serps. I think I'm finally figuring out where to point my feet, and where I need to be for him to "get it."

The last ten minutes of practice were the most fun, though, because we just played fetch with the ring toy. I sat on the ground and we played tug. I tossed his toy and tried to get a good photo of him. (See? I do love my electronics....!)

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