Tuesday, February 15, 2011


A big part of me wanted to be down in Turlock last weekend, instead of in Santa Rosa. The Riffster would enjoy the wide open, flowing courses of a USDAA trial, wouldn't he? And that pretty grass field. Going to Turlock would've meant driving south for several hours, however, and I would've had to rent a motel room or set up my tent. (The tent would've been chilly at night, but wonderful during the day...) I miss my USDAA friends! Some of them had great runs in Turlock, which I've enjoyed on FaceBook. (Thank you!)

Look what else I missed! A lovely cake, celebrating the VAST club's 10th anniversary.
VAST is a great little agility club.
Must admit I love cake. I love all kinds of pastry. Here's a photo of a cake made by Sadie, the daughter of one of my best friends. (Check out her cakes at CakeandCupboard, on the web...) Cute and yummy!
I get in trouble when I eat cake, though....it goes straight to my behind, and I start having difficulty with gravity. (I used to try to avert my eyes from the spectacle of me "running" in videos of Riff. Not easy to do. So I'm over it now. As you know, We-who-like-to-win will put up with Almost Anything, just to get ahead. Even if it means watching videos of ourselves floudering around.) So I'm trying to be good. Trying to lose a bit of weight, and to practice RUNNING. When was the last time I ate cake?? Um....let me check my new iPhone "sin tracker app." Oh. Thursday night. (Cake is not easy to resist!) And god no, I don't really have a sin tracker app...although I hear a someone wrote one for Catholics. (!)
At least cake doesn't cause as many problems for me as it did for this young lady.

And some CAKE is risk-free. Like the band. I love CAKE! Even though the only CD I have is "Comfort Eagle"....

Even CAKE-the-band has made trouble for me, though. Like the day I agreed to sing at a Staff Talent Show (some 8 or so years ago) during SRJC's Summer Repertory Theatre season. I was listening to their music fairly often then, and had the brilliant (?) idea to perform "I Am An Opera Singer." Basically because I'm not much of a singer. And because stagehands and technicians really get that song. No one else on the staff was familiar with the song, and our pianist didn't know how to play it. But I gave it a go anyway....

....and, luckily for me, our audience of college students was cool. They were CAKE fans! They loved it!!

Since that day, being occasionally capable of learning, I've never been in another Talent Show.
I do, however, still sing around the house. Usually when I'm alone with the dogs, and the CD player is turned up LOUD. I love to sing!!
Riff is not a huge fan of my singing.
Maybe his ears hurt. But if I keep at it long enough, he always joins in:
"b-a. b.arrr. bark? bark! barK! baRK! bARK! BARK!" "BARKBARKBARKBARKBARKBARK!!! BARKBARKBARK!!!!!!!! BA-A-A-R-R-R-RKKKK!!!!!"

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