Monday, February 7, 2011

Photos By Channan

Littermates Riff and Rampage got to play in the field Sunday afternoon, after the AKC trial was over. Two handsome 2-year-olds!

Channan captured the lads in a similar running pose:

An opportunity to compare coats:

Riff wants to play again next weekend.


corgi2bc said...

The boys are so handsome together! Rammy is still intact, isn't he? That would be a big reason for their coat differences, since I think Riff is neutered?

80 degrees? Sounds unreal for this time of year.

Celeste said...

Thanks, Jo! Rammy is intact, and Riff was neutered December 2009. I think it makes a difference, although (per puppy pics) Ram had a notably more luxurious coat even during that first year.

80 is unreal. I want it to rain again! (Wait....did I say that outloud??)

corgi2bc said...

Topic and Steam have been the same way with Topic having more coat and now a much larger ruff. I'm becoming rather partial to the shorter/smooth coats... much easier!

How about you take some of our rain and we'll take a *few* of your degrees, not many though, just so we get to 60 would be perfect. ;-)

Channan said...

The photos turned out pretty good! The are both VERY handsome :).

Rammy's coat isn't hard to maintain, I don't do anything more with it than I do with Icon. But I do wish he didn't have so many curls! Including his curly tail!

Celeste said...

The photos are terrific, Channan. I wanted to post 25 of them!

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