Sunday, February 6, 2011

Things I Liked About Today

Riff is really tired, but that doesn't prevent him from keeping an eye on the football game....

Some of the Things I Liked About Today:
  • I got to sleep in.
  • Riff ran well in Open Jumpers at the AKC trial. No Q (my bad on the weaves), but it felt great. And he cleared the triple easily. Happy!
  • Riff learned something about start-line stays in Open Standard. (Yeah, well....)
  • Channan took a boatload of photographs while Riff and Rampage played in the big field. (Stay tuned!)
  • RAMPAGE Q'd....beautifully. Icon and Polly did, too. :-)
  • Will texted me, to say he's absolutely DONE with the wheelchair. (Celebration!)
  • An uber-large hook and ladder fire truck drove up to the agility ring. A fireman jumped out of the passenger side, ran over to a woman who'd been showing a German Shepherd all weekend, gave her a lovely BIG hug, patted the dog, then jumped back into the truck. And off it went.
  • WIT had an amazing Excellent Jumpers run. The kind that burns into your retina. This young team is National/World Championship material, folks....
  • RR laughed at my jokes.
  • RUBY the ROOSTER kicked butt.
  • TLeC pointed out that many of the handlers in International-caliber teams clap at their dogs during their runs. :-) We have a new training maneuver. Clap! Clap!
  • QUINN did very well in Excellent Standard. Go, Quinn!
  • LEDA earned her NAJ.
  • SCOOP looked great.
  • TROY rocked!!!
  • A lot of people smiled, all day long, even though there was no food vendor at this trial.
  • The itty-bitty fluffy dogs that nested in front of us all weekend got to move out of their itty-bitty crates into a nice little dog-tent. The wee sphinxes turned into whirling little goofballs, happily playing with each other in the tent. Yes! (Added bonus - I never did accidentally step on them.)
  • I had Smart Water, Excedrin, and a blueberry Cliff bar with me today. All good.
  • It was almost 80 degrees. (On the other's just eerie to be that warm on February 6th....)
  • Debbie looked happy. I like that she always looks happy. :-)
  • Last night's left-over spaghetti was marvelous tonight.
  • The PACKERS won the Super Bowl!! (Yay, Wisconsin! Yay, Cheese-heads!)

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