Friday, February 25, 2011

Getting Ready, Part 3

Riff woke up with a tummy ache this morning . At about midnight. And again at 3:am. And again at 5:am. No temperature. Bright eyes, a cool nose, and plenty of tail wags. But yuck. And more yuck yuck yuck. A 7:am incident followed the 5:am incident....then he seemed to level out. I fed him a very light breakfast, which he ate with gusto. I meant to take him to a little training session at about 10:30am. But he has seemed subdued for much of the day. He's taken more naps than usual. I let him rest.

So when the time came, this evening, to set up our crate area at the show grounds, I took him along. If he seemed happy and energetic playing in the field, I would leave my stuff. Otherwise....not.

I left my stuff.

He seemed totally jazzed to play in the field, and romped just as he normally romps.

But after we came home:

So I'll keep a close eye on him for the rest of the night. And I'll decide tomorrow morning, at the last possible moment, whether or not to show him....

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