Thursday, February 3, 2011

One more video....

....from the Obsession Session with Moe Strenfel.

This is a "threadle" exercise.

Riff and I struggled with this one. You won't see all of our struggle in this edited video (I hear that huge sigh of relief) but you'll see more than enough. Bottom line: we got through it.****
No more video from this workshop, because my camera ran out of juice.

****God bless all instructors (and agility dogs!) everywhere, for their unending patience, willingness and understanding.....

NOTE: If I can remember to TURN my shoulders quickly enough, point my feet in the proper DIRECTION, and use appropriate TIMING, I think Riff and I will get along very well on all kinds of agility courses. Someday.

Hope, as always, springs eternal!
(Well, yeah - it is sometimes difficult to focus on hope. Darn frickin'frack hard, actually. But as you and I both know, deep in our hearts, HOPE is what makes the world go 'round...)

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