Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thank You, LP!

Jeff drove us out to LeapDog again this afternoon, so Riff could play with LP.  We decided to stick to Practice Time, because Class Time is too busy for Lauri.  The Riffle had so much fun. 



Getting out to the field was fun for me, too, even though I mostly sat in a chair.  Laying about in the house, nursing this silly back, has become mighty tiresome.  Even the backyard seems tiny.  This morning I had a serious case of the restless boogeries....but my back quickly squelched them.  I keep telling myself that something good will come of all this.  Perhaps I'm meant to learn something.  Some kind of Life Lesson?  Something about Patience?  Arrrgh!  ( the very least, I'm getting a few books read.)

BEST OF LUCK to everyone headed for PRUNEDALE this weekend.  Have fun!  Post photos, make videos....but most of all - share a few good stories.  ♥♥♥   And have a beer for me.  


vici whisner said...

sending healing thoughts your way. This too will pass. At least that is what my mom always said...come to think about it, in general I was always mad at her when she said that. So I take it back. It's not that it won't is that it just sucks. Catch up on some old shows, get addicted to some new ones. Do relaxation'll be back by June!

Celeste said...

....looking forward to JUNE!

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