Wednesday, April 13, 2011

5 videos and a list

from HauteTracs. 

Riff earned his SG (Starter's Gamblers title) and has only two Starter's Standard Q's to go before he is eligible to compete at the Advanced level. 

Things to work on:
...StartLine (in 5 other classes he broke SL and we left the ring)
...Weave entries
...Figure out why he's cutting in on so many jumps, and fix it
      a)  Handler's feet not facing the correct direction? 
      b)  Handler's feet not staying in motion long enough?
      c)  Handler's attention not fully on the jump?
...Clarity and timing
...Run faster!


kiwichick said...

Just watched your runs. Nice contacts and start lines. I am curious - what did Nancy tell you to do? Congrats on the Q's and the return of your startline :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice! Keep up the good work!


Celeste said...

We just did a short foundation exercise that involved stepping away - first one step, then several - with praise and treats for a good stay.

Celeste said...

Thanks, Laurie! :-)

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