Sunday, April 10, 2011


Riff is a watchful young fellow (ie: "border collie intense") when it comes to agility.  Obsessive?  Well, you might call it that.  He's pretty calm when I'm around (and he has his binky), but he can get barky and reactive on his own, so I had to cover up his x-pen when I was away.   We were set up too close to the action.  So-o-o-o.....I spent a lot of time at our canopy this weekend (or out playing in the field with Riff, or walking him around).   I worked as a pole setter for only one class.  

I can get pretty obsessed with watching agility, too. 

The first day of the four-day trial was Team Day.  Riff was on a DAM [dog agility masters] team named "Release the Krakens!" along with Charter and Maiya.  None of us had a burning desire to qualify - we just wanted to have fun.  And we did.  I was very proud of youngster Riff because he did pretty DAM well on those tough masters-level courses.  Good dog!  The other dogs were gr-r-r-eat.  And the weather at the field was great - except for the freezing threat of snow/hail/thunder-and-lightning.  It never did actually hit.  The storm clouds seemed to split and travel in a circle around the edges of the fairgrounds.  It was amazing.    I sent my husband a photo of the storm, and he sent me a photo from Napa, where he was working.  See the dog in the clouds? 

The other three days in Dixon were beautiful (and chilly).

Riff and I spent three days in this Starter's ring.  I had to walk him out of five (5!) classes because he was breaking his startline.  It made me feel sad and frustrated, as I was doing my best to solve the issue in the practice rings (after his "time out") and it didn't seem to help.  Nancy G saw me walk him out of two classes in a row (Scoop was in his class).  She came over to me and said "Meet me here for a few minutes before our next class - I can help you."  I did, and she did.  She was incredibly nice.  It was back to basics, and it was like taking a magic pill.  For the rest of the trial I worked with him just as she taught me, and the improvement was fantastic.  Riff earned 5 Starter Q's!  Two more Standard Q's and he'll be eligible to move up to Advanced.
Riff enjoyed the frosty morning. 

Tara, Lee and Jenn strategized while they waited for a walk-through.

Hangin' out at the canopy with wonderful friends.

Channan and Riff's bro Rampage, at the startline.   

Riff with his BFF, wittle Wit.  

Ear-r-r-rly mornings.

One of two Master's rings.  

This is what Riff was like, our first night in the motel...

..and the last night.

We are exhausted.  He was a good, good puppy - strong and brave, every day.  Always willing.  It was a lot to put him through.  Too much, actually, but he seems fine.  He liked his massage this evening. 
He slept like a log for two hours while we drove home (he usually wakes up in traffic jams - but not a peep), and then he wanted to play with Keeper!  Not for long, though.  We'll be resting for a while.


Anonymous said...

Good boy Riffster! Sounds like a good weekend. I don't know Nancy very well, I've only have met her a few times at seminars, but she seems like a truly nice, genuine and giving person.

Elf said...

Gosh, I *meant* to take more photos! I wasn't even working on saturday.

Nancy has magic tricks up her sleeve for so many things--I'm glad one of them actually worked instantaneously!

Congrats on all the ensuing Qs.

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