Saturday, April 2, 2011

LP Workshop (Video)

LPlummer held a workshop today at LeapDog Agility, since there won't be any classes on Wed and Thurs. 
We had gorgeous weather, and the nicest group of handlers and dogs.  Everyone was happy and relaxed.
Thank you, LP!  It was FUN. 

Barb shoots a laugh back at LP, while Willie plays...

LP and Wit

This is the last effort of the day for Riff and I.  He was getting tired.  I was already there.  I needed to keep a closer eye on him.  I needed to hold a couple of my cues a bit longer, move more quickly through the dogwalk, and get into a better position for the rear cross, etc etc.  Otherwise....okay!  We had fun, and that was the best part.  :-)

Kate and Roo
Micky and Kimba

Dawn, Barb and Cheri

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