Sunday, April 17, 2011

Missing agility

Sometimes it gets pretty boring around here when mom is laid up.  We play little games around the house. 
(Yeah, I can still wave...)
It's not as much fun as agility, though.  I miss agility!!  (So does mom.  She's been feeling sad.)
And there's something else missing from my life, as of this afternoon.
Can you see what it is?

She trimmed the extra long fluffy fur off my ears. 
Do you have any idea how long it took me to grow that fur?  I was trying for the Lincecum look.
It's cool, though.  I like the cut.  That long fur tickled.  And without a Giants hat it looked dweeby.   

Now, if you don't mind....I want to get back to the baseball game.


Elf said...

Hate being laid up and hate even worse not knowing why. Surely what you're experiencing can't simply be arthritis, can it?

Celeste said...

Well drat, now they're saying stuff like "pinched nerve" "bad disc" and "MRI"...

Elf said...

Ow. I was out on disability for a few months back in 2000/2001 with really agonizing sciatica and confusing MRI results on my disks, major painkillers, muscles in my leg locked up. Got through it with assorted drugs and physical therapy and lots of ice and heat and, well, lots of crying at night. There was not much agility for me in there. Karey Krauter actually ran my dogs for me a few times. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Riff looks extra special handsome with his new ear hair do. :-)

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