Thursday, November 1, 2012

♥ All Kinds of Family ♥

When Halloween rolls around, you can't help but think about family.  At least that's how it is for me. 

Like most of you, my "families" come in all shapes and sizes.  In addition to my kids, my sisters, my sweet husband and his dear friends, I have a "dog agility" family and a "theatre" family - two much-loved groups of passionate people.  Then there's my "Giants" family, "environmental canine services" family, "wild women in the woods" and "birthday dinners" families.   My "FB" and "blog" families.   And (of course!) our sweet border collies, and all those who love them.


Winter holidays are filled with "family times"...and Halloween ushers them in.  This year we started the festivities at my friend BT's house.  She served a marvelous meal, and I helped serve candy to little-folks-in-costume.  What a pleasure!  It was raining...but no one seemed to mind.  Her neighborhood was alive with trick-or-treaters.  Cool!  Our section of the hill doesn't get any.  We have no sidewalks, and the street light hasn't been working for a long while. 

BT and her grandson, Hudson Kipling
Handing out candy reminded me of Halloweens-Gone-By, and the good old days. three sons with a Skeletor buddy

This year, instead of scrambling to make black capes, I tuned into the Giants' World Series Championship Parade in San Francisco.  That was all kinds of fun, even though we weren't there.... I could feel the good energy through the TV.  WONderful!!
Matt Cain and his family, in the parade
My eldest son was busy working at the opera house...but not too busy to text this photo, along with the message "This opera is lo-o-ong..."     :-)

Will at work

My middle boy has been busy with comic book conventions, TaeKwonDo, teaching drawing classes at Megamoth Studios, and working as a dispatcher.  He is a designated "first responder" in Sonoma County and, because of him, I'm thinking quite a lot about the first responders to Hurricane Sandy.  (With good wishes and many MANY thanks, to each and every one of them....)     
B and E at a convention

B checks out a dragon sculpture
My youngest son just moved this winter's cord of wood from our driveway to the back, and stacked it in our shed.  He beat the rain, for which we were most grateful!  But he wasn't keen on having his photo taken.  Maybe next time....

A wealth of wood, moved to the shed.....

.....with a respectful nod to the trees overhead!  ♥

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