Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veteran's Day.... the Vietnam Memorial Wall replica in Sonoma.  This "moving wall" travels around the country.  We were lucky enough to have it in our county during Veteran's Day. 

Riff pulled on his leash to visit with a man who was about my age.  Riff wagged his tail, sniffed his hand, and gazed up into his eyes.  The man knelt down to smile at Riff, and said, "You are so beautiful.  Thank you so much."   Then he started to cry, turned and walked away....


Elf said...

When I first encountered the actual wall in D.C., I came upon it facing the statue of combat soldiers looking off into the distance in the direction of the wall, as though they were seeing a ghost of their own futures. That and the wall itself, embedded in a grassy gash in the ground, stunned me to silence. I'm glad they have a version of it traveling for people to see.

Celeste said...

I was once in DC and saw actual wall's absolutely incredible. A powerful experience.
The traveling version is good, too.

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