Monday, November 5, 2012

Riff's 4th Birthday!

It's hard to believe this baby dog is 4 YEARS OLD already!!
 We really can't call him a puppy any more,
and certainly not a baby dog.
'Young fella' is more like it.

We still call him "Goombah" once in a while, but the nickname we use all the time now is "Bubula."  ("Booboola" - accent is on the first syllable.)  No idea where it came from.  It just bubbled up one day about a year ago and seems to have stuck.  It wasn't until I heard a couple of other people use it that I knew it was a "for real" nickname, and that we must be using fairly often, and in public.  We still call him Mister Riffster, Riffle and The Riffling, too.  Plus (once in a deserving while) "His Nibs" and "He Who Must Not Be Named." This dog has more nicknames than any other dog I've owned....and of course he's earned every single one of them. 
He's smart, smart, smart, and as athletic as they come. 
He's pretty.  He's super cool.  He's friendly.  And he's fast! 

ten weeks

nine months

thirteen months

two years

two-and-a-half years

almost three years

three years


three-and-a-half years
almost four

Is it time for some ice cream yet??


Elf said...

Happy Birthday, Riff!

Bubele or Bubala or various other spellings, not sure whether there's a "right" one, is of yiddish origin and is some kind of endearment. I particularly remember it on the Addams Family; Morticia often called Gomez that.

Celeste said...

BUBULA! Thanks, Elf...
I do remember hearing it when I was a wee little girl.

corgi2bc said...

Happy Birthday to Handsome Riff!!!

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