Tuesday, October 30, 2012


My NYC friends are safe and secure, thank heavens.  What a storm.  How many storms described as "once-in-a-lifetime" and "once-every-hundred-years" does that make, in the last five years?  Regardless, I think this was one of the biggest ever.  My heart goes out to everyone that experienced loss during Hurricane Sandy...  ....   ....

And on the other hand:
What a pleasure it was to watch the GIANTS sweep the Tigers in Detroit! 
We are the WORLD CHAMPIONS!   Who would've thought?   It's incredible!  Delightful! 
It's been at least a year since I worked a Bay Team CPE trial.  This time I volunteered to work "all-day" and ended up being a scribe for a judge from...Detroit, Michigan!  She was nice, though, and never got huffy about my Giants ballcap.  And I had fun catching up with some agility buddies I haven't seen in quite a while.
Holly and Billy

Speaking of caps.....


Pretty soon, someone will win the Presidential race.  I've got my fingers crossed.  And I hope you all remember to VOTE!   (A big plus:  no more robo-calls)! 

Riff and I will be heading out for our agility lesson soon.  Yay!  We're ready to RUN!

In the meantime, we prepare for Halloween.  (Halloween again?!  Already?!) 

I missed the pumpkin-carving party this year, but my sweet husband got over there.  He ate enough chili and corn bread for both of us, and took a photo of the first row of squash faces.  I especially like that pirate, lower left.  And the pumpkin near the middle....three lines of triangles.....makes me smile. 

San Francisco is going to hold their Welcome Home Giants Parade tomorrow morning.  Woohoo! 
We'll watch a bit of it on TV.  We'll munch on a couple of tiny Snickers bars during the day, then leave the rest of the candy in a bowl on the porch, just in case any goblins show up.  We'll be heading out for a friend's birthday dinner.   Wow.   It's amazing how quickly time passes....


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