Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Birthday Ramblings

Wasn't that just a few years ago?  (Hahaha!)   Remember this saying:

"Youth is a gift of nature.  Age is a work of art."
Yeah!  Feel good about it!  It's astonishing, in fact, how excited I feel about getting older.  It's like reaching some sort of milestone.   I wonder what's next? 

Looking over the old family photos makes me think about buying a nice road bike.  Something a little closer to the ground than normal, perhaps...since I'm pretty sure everyone who rides a bicycle falls, sooner or later.  I've been broken enough this year - don't want to do that again!  Bet I could find a bike with a low frame and big fat tires.  And a basket for picking up plants at the nursery.  Wouldn't that be nice?

Of course rollerblades are out of the question.  Shoot.  I always meant to get around to rollerblading - it looks like so much fun.  Or skateboarding!  The huge long boards the kids use nowadays look a lot safer than the old bit-of-fence-nailed-to-roller-skate-wheels that we used to fool around on.  But of course the whole idea of skating is...       Well, let's just say it's a bit late for that one.

Maybe I'll get back to riding horses.  I miss them A LOT.  Maybe I could find a nice wide older horse that won't let me fall off....?   The problem with that idea is I couldn't keep him in my backyard.  I'd have to find a pasture...and a truck...and a trailer....etc.etc.etc.  

But I wouldn't mind buying a new pair of cowboy boots. 

Showing Tater Jim in a reining contest.
Sliding stop!

Whatever is in the cards, I have a feeling that this year is going to be good.  I'm pretty sure Riff and I will get back to agility trialing one of these days.  He's such a good dog, and he's running very well in class, and at practice. 
Must admit there's still a little voice in the back of my head that says "Wouldn't you LOVE to have a nice young sheepherding dog?"   Those darn sheep are pretty fun to push around....and the herding dogs look like they're in seventh heaven. 
Well, pretty soon it will be time for me to take Keeper and Riff out for an evening stroll.  We love our walkies!  Honestly - all I need to do, to be happy as a pea in a pod, is go for a walk with my dogs.  ♥ 

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