Monday, October 22, 2012


Sometimes, you just have to choose.

For instance:  Do we watch the Giants play GAME 7 of the NLCS tonight?  Well - (duh) - YES! 

Do we watch the presidential debate?  Well - (hmmm) - Ye-e-es...? 

Okay, so we'll try to do both.  Our channel-switching will depend on the weather....and on how exciting the game/debate is.  (Honestly, have you ever seen an EXCITING debate?  Me neither.  Maybe tonight, though.)  And - just in case - we'll record the debate.  That way we can watch it later, if push comes to shove.   

It's raining right now in San Francisco, and the game may be delayed.  I sure hope not.  I'm ready for some baseball!

Sweet Riff has the "choosing" thing all figured out.  He says "why choose?"  Just grab everything you can and run for it!!

Does this mean he'd vote for Romney, if he could vote? (argh!)

Keeper has a different opinion.  She'd much rather practice generosity and tolerance than slobber and drool over toys.  This approach gives her a very dignified look.  Bemused, even.  (Or is she annoyed?)

Be that as it may, I'm pretty sure she would vote for Obama.  She's a "for the greater good" sort of girl. 

Actually.....both dogs are smarter than to worry about politics at this time. 
It's too close to dinner for that sort of folderol. 
Let's eat first....THEN decide!

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