Friday, October 26, 2012

Giant Dreams

It may come as no surprise (to a few of you), that I've tuned-in to almost every game of the Giants' 2012 season.  Maybe even Every Single Game - but I can't absolutely claim it, because I didn't keep close enough track of it.  There are 162 games during the regular season (either on TV or on KNBR) all the games in the postseason.  Jeff and I, we are Giants' fans.  Since 2006. 

The Giants are easy to like.  Because they Do.Not.Give.Up.  We went through a few "bad" seasons (as any Giants' fan knows), but we stuck with them.  They're just too....easy to like.  Those boys love the game, and their announcers (Kruk and Kuip) love the game.  LOVE IS INFECTIOUS. 
(A good thing to remember, when training dogs...or talking to other people...)


It's been a nice few days.  My eldest son came to visit.  I found his first guitar (given to him by his dad when he was about twelve) stored in the closet of my office, and they had a nice reunion (dust, cracked body and all).  It amazed both of us that the guitar was (mostly) still in tune...and sounded half-way decent.  Will brought me flowers (!) and took us out to a shmancy restaurant for dinner.  He played one of his newer guitars for us.  Music is the most marvelous of man's inventions.  Or maybe I should say "man's interpretations."   Will plays with all of his considerable heart and soul.  His music is gorgeous. (If I do say so myself...)

My older sister, who's been waging a huge battle against recurrent breast cancer, has been doing well.  (Thanks to all the stars in heaven, and on earth....)  Her beautiful hair is growing back, and she's enjoying LIFE.   YAY!

I "graduated" from Physical Therapy (for the broken arm) this week.  My super-cool PT made it feel like a super-cool accomplishment!

This morning Riff and I had another wonderful practice session at LeapDog fields.  We made it through all 20 obstacles of the "blue" course...WOOHOO! 
Then LP and Clever came out for a visit, and we watched them have a little training session. 
Pupper-ista Clever is looking terrific!

Life is good.  

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