Thursday, March 24, 2011

Decisions Must Be Made

According to the weather guy, today is the "12th day of measurable rain" in the San Francisco area. I think it might be about the 500th here in Santa Rosa.

I heard some Santa Cruz areas were being evacuated because of flooding. Good thoughts going out to my agility buddies. (Stay safe, everyone!)

Trying to stay upbeat, in spite of the gloomy weather. In spite of Libya, Liz, Lanford, Lack of Agility Equipment, Loneliness, et al. Played indoor games with the dogs. (And yeah, we got muddy outside, too. How can we not go outside??!) Read two magazines (can't get settled on a book). Cleaned the family room.

[Got completely angst-ridden about whether or not to go to the AKC trial, which was moved to an indoor horse facility, a one-way drive of about 2.5 hours. My original plan was to take Riff to Dixon, and get him used to being there, prior to the big HauteTracs show in April. Scratch that plan. Do we go to Sacramento just for the fun of showing? Hmmmm. If Riff were better trained...if I felt more ready....if I liked driving in the rain.....if...if...if.....]
Worked on the spare room.

The ceiling and three walls - DONE.

All the doors, all the trim, and the window....DONE.
(Thank god, because painting with semi-gloss is painful. No one will notice the boo-boos. Right?)


Just one wall left. The "color."

Next, we'll pick out some flooring, and hire young men with strong knees to put it in.
After that, we decide what to put into the room.
Will it be a library? An exercise room?
PS. It seems impossible to be DECISIVE today!

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